Practical Experience

PERC: Professional Experience Required for Certification


• Access the PERC reporting tool online through the CGA Web site.   Students with fewer than 10 courses remaining to complete the CGA program are strongly encouraged to access the system to begin recording employment and competency examples.

• Using PERC’s requirement assessment tool, you can determine how your experience measures against the required competency standard.
• Attach documents in the online PERC system to support the information in your employment file.



• Employer verification is required for all employment.
• Involve your supervisor early in the assessment process.
• Become familiar with the PERC Student Guide available on the CGA Nova Scotia website under the Student tab.



• The Association will assign a CGA reviewer for ongoing review of confirmed employment (verified by your supervisor).
• You will receive notification from the Association when you have met the overall requirement.

Student Guide

Supervisor/Verifier Guide