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Access to the Program

The CGA Program of Professional Studies is open to anyone who is over the age of 18.  Our belief is that the opportunity to succeed must be available to anyone who wishes to try!  This does not mean the program is easy.  It is demanding of you so that you show that you are capable of being a professional.

Although candidates can begin the program with only a high school diploma, to qualify as a CGA you must complete a University degree (The CGA Association has developed partnerships with various post-secondary institutions to allow students to study for their CGA designation and bachelor’s degree concurrently), the Program of Professional Studies and your Practical Experience for Certification (PERC). 

Applying for Admission

Students who have previously completed an accounting or other business program at a post-secondary educational institution can transfer credits and enter the CGA program with advanced standing.

You may qualify for transfer credits if you have passed written examinations in courses considered to be equivalent to CGA courses (i.e., from university commerce programs, recognized college business programs or courses offered by other professional associations).

Begin by submitting the Application for Admission.

Request official transcripts to be sent from your previous post-secondary schools.