The importance of position

The importance of position and seat selection:

Ok you have chosen the game you wish to play and found a spare table you now need to sit in a position that will give you the best value for your money, as you know all players have to place their bets clockwise, so you should checkout which player has the biggest amount of chips and try and sit directly to their left, the logic behind this is that by the time the action arrives at you everyone has done their betting and raising.

You must remember that position is critical, you will get to play more playable hands in a later position that you ever would in earlier positions

So that you understand what late and early positions are let us explain: Should you be either first second or the third person to play after the dealers button, this is what is termed the early position should you be the dealer himself or one of the players to the right of the dealer this is known as the late position, the rest are called the middle.

All those early positioned players you must try and play high or good hands as you have no idea what the other players have in their hands.

Those middle players at the table have players waiting behind them plus players who have already played therefore the chance to raise is somewhat less in this position and you have a better chance of playing weak hands as several player will already be in the pot.

When you are in the late position you have the benefit of seeing almost every play that has happened and should be able to judge what the other players feel about their respective hands based on the way they have checked, bet raised or even re-raised.

So when you are in the playing the button position you have a great advantage as you will be the very last player to act in each betting round, and this gives you the possibility of playing a weaker hand and it also allows you to bluff more as the game goes on.

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