Caribbean Poker

Caribbean Poker

Caribbean Poker is a game with-in a game and thanks to the addition of a progressive jackpot version
you have the potential to win some huge cash amounts.
The basics of the game resemble a game of 5 card stud poker and you have to simply get a better hand than the dealer.

The game begins by the player placing an ante bet and if the game is the progressive variant you also need to place a sidebet to be in with the chance of winning bonus payouts.

Once the player has placed an ante bet then the cards are dealt to both players and dealer, with the dealers hand being face down, except for just one card that remains face-up.

At this point and having reviewed your hand you now have to decide whether you wish to call, if you do you now need to place a second bet. Once completed the dealers hand will be shown.
The dealer has to qualify by getting an Ace and a King or above, if he does then the ranking of both hands will be taken into account and the hand which ranks the highest wins.
You will be paid out higher amounts should you hand hold a higher ranking than a pair (only if your hand out ranks the dealers) The payouts can vary from casino to casino so it is always worth shopping around for the best paytable.
The most common payouts are as follows:
Pair 1-1 (even money)
Two Pairs 2-1
Three of a Kind 3-1
Straight 4-1
Flush 5-1
Full House 7-1
Four of a Kind 20-1
Straight Flush 50-1
Royal Flush 100-1

As mentioned keep your eyes out for the progressive version of this game as the jackpot amount rises to some dizzy heights and it is always worth giving it a shot.