Best Starting Hands

Below we have listed the top ten starting hands (in Texas Holdem Poker), always bear in mind however that even though your starting hand is strong that doesn't mean you'll win the game!

1. Ace-Ace
Commonly know as either American Airlines, pocket rockets, and bullets, a pair of aces is the strongest starting hand you can have and poker players cannot get too many of these!

2. King-King
Also known as "cowboys" a pair of kings is a very, very strong hand and being dealt these puts you in an excellent position

3. Queen-Queen
The "ladies" as they are known are the third best starting hand you can have.

4. Ace-King
This hand is very strong and obviously you should be looking to match up one or either both of the hands as the community cards appear.

5. Jack-Jack
Not the strongest hand but most players wouldn't mind a few starting hands like this, strong but not unbeatable

6. Ace-Queen
Another very strong hand that gives you a few options as the game progresses

7. King-Queen
Strong and should you get them suited a very interesting hand for you to play.

8. Ace-Jack
A so-so drawing hand, get them suited and you are in business

9. King-Jack
Suited this hand will win 19% of the time unsuited you can expect to win 15% of the time so proceed with caution.

10. Ace-Ten
It's the lowest hand in our top ten of best starting hands but there are a lot more worse hands underneath it.

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