Being dealt statistics - Turn/River

If you have been reading up in our other sections about the being dealt statistics for both the pre flop and flop you will now be interested to learn probabilities on hitting certain hands on the turn/river so below is the information you require:

Lets begin with you requiring one card to hit a flush on the turn/river well the probaility of it coming is 35%

Should you need one card to make a straight presuming you have four cards which require one card either preceding or following on from these to make the straight the probability of you hitting it is 31.5%

The probability of you hitting what is know as a gutshot draw/inside straight draw on the river/turn is 16.5%

Its a 4.2% chance of you getting a backdoor flush if you are holding two suited cards

If you're hoping of hitting a flush on the river you have a 19.6% chance of this happening

Hitting that last card to make a straight hand on the turn is 17%

Should you require it to hit on the river your looking at a probability of 17.4%

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